Lucas Wickström

👋 Hi, I'm Lucas

I'm a highly ambitious, humble and hard-working full-stack web developer living in Stockholm, Sweden specializing in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional websites, applications, and everything in between.



Dec 2018 - Present • 5 years 8 months
Tobey Rentech

Tobey Rentech - Co-founder and developer

Jul 2022 - Present • 2 years 1 month

Tobey is a Swedish start-up company that operates within the tool and equipment rental industry. By using smart parcel boxes, smaller machines becomes more accessible for the craftsman. I am one of the founders.

Tobey Rentech 01Tobey Rentech 02Tobey Rentech 03Tobey Rentech 04Tobey Rentech 05Tobey Rentech 06

The Swedish Chess Federation have for years collected chessclubs protocol and signatures by mail and scanned email. I helped them with a fully digital signing solution with onscreen drawing box and onetime links.

Sveriges Schackförbund 01Sveriges Schackförbund 02Sveriges Schackförbund 03
Layke Analytics

Layke Analytics - Web Developer

Nov 2021 - Dec 2021 • 2 months

Layke Analytics provides a tool for smart candidate search across different platforms. It uses artificial intelligence to make a search or sourcing process more efficient. I made a simple dashboard for viewing analytics, creating and handling candidate and job ads matches.

Layke Analytics 01Layke Analytics 02
Svensk Travsport

Svensk Travsport - Node Developer

May 2021 - Oct 2021 • 7 months

When the Swedish gaming monopoly was removed in 2019, Svensk Travsport had to take over services from the betting company ATG and adapt them to their own tech stack. In my team we are modernizing the flow of updating screens on the horse tracks with results and odds data. Challenges have consisted of having many dependencies and adapting to them, as well as working with old file formats.


Wellr - React Native Developer

Sep 2020 - Feb 2021 • 5 months

Wellr is a health concept measuring, evaluating and improving health and working environment. Central is the React Native app where the employee can track their challenges and compete with coworkers. My contribution has been an implementation of background synchronization to keep fitness data fresh. I also added Sentry to record app crashes and log exceptions.

Wellr 01Wellr 02Wellr 03Wellr 04Wellr 05Wellr 06Wellr 07
Sveriges Schackförbund

Schackfyran Online - Full-Stack Web Developer

Mar 2020 - Aug 2020 • 6 months

With the isolation due to covid-19 the Swedish Chess Federation had to go online with their chess tournaments. Their current real time chess platform, Yes2Chess, only handled one type of tournament and there were questions about how the platform would perform with more players. To make it less tournament specific I rewrote the frontend. The in app cache was replaced with Redis as a cache and a pub-sub system to make it scalable. I also replaced the websocket solution with GraphQL subscriptions. The project was mainly for their biggest tournament, Schackfyran, reaching over 25 000 fourth graders every year.

Schackfyran Online 01Schackfyran Online 02


Jun 2018 - Mar 2021 • 2 years 10 months
Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi - Web Developer

Oct 2019 - Mar 2021 • 1 year 6 months

I worked with two projects at the online payment platform Svea WebPay. A back office system for handling payment fraud and a web app for payment and order management. We worked agile in a cross-functional team and I worked closely with UX, QA, backenders and stakeholders. I was responsible for everything frontend, from applying new translations to implementing design systems. Multiple business areas were coordinated to one authentication service. I was responsible for handling our connection. During the projects I added TypeScript, integrated accessibility checks with Storybook to our process and implemented tracking.

Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi - Full-Stack Web Developer

Mar 2019 - Aug 2019 • 6 months

I worked as a web developer in a cross-functional team at Svea marketing division. I also added tracking for Svea’s services, optimized for SEO and launched sites for affiliates in other countries. In addition I lead web development in a bigger design refreshment of due to a brand merge of Svea Ekonomi and Svea Bank. When the assignment ended we had collected 1 237 pages under the same domain, conversion had grown by 20% and organic traffic was stable even despite fierce competition.

Svea Ekonomi 01Svea Ekonomi 02Svea Ekonomi 03Svea Ekonomi 04Svea Ekonomi 05

Layke - Web Developer

Nov 2018 - Mar 2019 • 5 months

I developed a dashboard with components for searching and aggregating tabular data combined with dynamic graphs.

Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi - Web Developer

Jun 2018 - Nov 2018 • 6 months

I built an animation and video heavy marketing website for an upcoming product.

Sveriges Schackförbund

Sveriges Schackförbund - Web Developer

May 2015 - May 2018 • 3 years

At the Swedish Chess Federation I worked as a sole developer. Which meant that I was responsible for the whole stack, from UX to devops. I was mainly working with three projects:

A real time chess platform that I builded from the ground up. It is mainly used for the chess tournament with the same name, where schools from Sweden are competing online. Difficulties consisted of having an easy-to-use design for unfamiliar chess players and getting around schools firewalls. During a single year a total of 4 000 kids played more than 20 000 games of chess.

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Administrating 40 000+ members, the backbone of the federation. I maintained and implemented e.g. a statistics module, a payment solution for tournaments via Stripe and a new RESTful API.

I maintained the Swedish Chess Federation's website which had more than 10 000 daily pageviews.

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Cloudlux - Web Developer

May 2010 - May 2015 • 5 years

During my university studies I had a sole proprietorship where I took small web development jobs.

Linköping University

Institute of Technology: Linköping University

2011 - 2015

Computer Science

Activities and Societies: D-Group, Flamman